Saturday, June 17, 2023

London: Day 6

Day 6 was a slightly more relaxed day.  We had theater tickets, so we stayed downtown.  Jen and Aeryn went to the war rooms, where I'd been before, so I decided to meet them closer to the theater and hopped between bars.  This was the last bar I was at.  I think this was the day Jen and Aeryn saw the conspiracy guy near the horse [soldier] museum and grounds get arrested.

Here's some of that rain that never let up.  I managed to get one of the few outdoor spots where I could lean against a wall, so my table and beer got wet, but not me.
London Day 6 Preplay Beer 2 by:

Sort of a neat photo of my table.  I like it because it shows how much rain came down.
London Day 6 Preplay Table by:

We were headed to the Adelphi for Back to the Future: the Musical.  It was highly amusing.  I don't want to spoil anything.  They lean into the science fiction part.  In some ways, more like a Universal/Disney ride than a play/musical.  Reminded me a lot of the Posideon's Fury attraction at Universal.
London Day 6 Back to the Future Adelphi by:

While I was running around before the show, I found Maple Leaf and Covent Garden.  Aeryn had a bit of a melt down during ice cream at Covent Garden.  I think we can officially list Day 6 as the day Aeryn wore out.  Ironically, no matter how much I slow down my pace [of things to do, and literal] it's still too fast for my family.  I think we basically covered half the ground I did when I was a college student when I visited for half the time.  New things energize me. I didn't go in the Maple Leaf during this day, but we did catch it several days later when Jen and I hit another play.  It is a very....sweaty....smelling bar.
London Day 6 Canadian Bar by:

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