Monday, June 05, 2023

Books, Bicycling, and Beers 2023: Summary

This is a work in progress.  I realized maybe I should drop the dates and breweries and posts and maybe the books in a table.  Otherwise I'm likely to lose track of what I'm up to when it comes to trying to remember where I've been.  I think I'm at 16 [as of 6/5/2023].  That's a hell of a clip given I was on vacation outside the country for two weeks.

6/3/2023Venn Brewing40SugarLink
6/1/2023Metronome Brewing [and Wabasha]40SugarLink
5/31/2023Wild Mind Brewing40SugarLink
5/28/2023Wandering Leaf Brewing40SugarLink
5/26/2023Modist Brewing40SugarLink
5/22/2023Omni Brewing40SugarLink
5/19/2023Nine Mile Brewing40SugarLink
5/15/2023Grog in Bath40SugarLink
5/3/2023Ineffable Brewing40SugarLink
5/2/2023North 20 Brewing40SugarLink
5/1/2023Arbieter Brewing40SugarLink
4/28/2023Wooden Ship Brewing40SugarLink
4/24/2023Inver Grove Heights Brewing40SugarLink
4/14/2023Urban Growler Brewing40SugarLink
4/18/2023Bricksworth Brewing40SugarLink
4/21/2023Baldman Brewing40SugarLink

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