Saturday, May 20, 2023

Pollo the Cat

Before I move on to London, Day 2, I meant to post a few photos of our new cat, Pollo.  My wife didn't appreciate my joke, "Why does Pollo keep looking at my lettuce when I'm eating?"


Yeah, Chicken [Pollo] Sees a Salad.


Anyway, with the kid home, we backfilled our lack of cats after losing Scylla, Bailey, and Luna [the dog] in the last year or so.  She's a medicated cat.  When she's off her meds, she's definitely paranoid.  And she's food obsessed.  The whip cream can I keep around for pancakes will bring her running.  While we were gone, she behaved great for the neighbors who kept her at their house.

And here she looks like a well behaved chicken.

Pollo 1 by:

Jen was irritated not just by the sees a salad joke, but by the fact that Pollo lets me get close for good photos without running away.  Sometimes she hisses when I get this close because she's worried I'm going to pet her, and that's on her terms, but her pupils will get really big if that's going down.  She definitely has a tell.
Pollo 2 by:

I also rewarded Pollo for laying in the sun on Jen's puzzle with some of the aforementioned whip cream.  I have a different perspective on owning a cat than the rest of my family.
Pollo Puzzle by:

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