Sunday, February 05, 2023


If there's any doubt I'm a slacker, historical me left a message in a txt document on my desktop about what to blog about a few months ago when I was first thinking about getting a little more back on it because I like having the history at my fingertips away from the big social media companies.

Apparently I was supposed to write about the following [I think I succeeded in a very small subset of cases]:

  • Parkrun - although that's off for the winter because no way.  I did one at about 30F and that's as low as I'm willing to go and there better not be snow.
  • The creative writing I was doing lately - finishing up the book and a short story collection
  • September 22 - Minnedemo
  • September 23 - Theatre in the Round and going to Doubt
  • September 25 - Renfest with my prior Virgin Pulse team mates and Aeryn including how they grilled Aeryn for my music tastes when I was out of earshot and all settled on Hootie and the Blowfish [I will admit to liking Hootie and, in particular, Darius Rucker, but it's not like I sit around listening to Hootie any more often then anyone else].
  • September 26 - first day of work at a new job [Alteryx]
  • October 1 - Charity Bicycle Ride for Uganda, 930 a.m. on the Luce Line - we started at Luce Line Brewing 
  • October 8 - Chilifest at Tall Brad's.  I'd hate to lose that my chili's acronym was CRT because I knew there were a few folks present who would be annoyed if they knew.
  • October 9 - Bryant Lake Bowl, Nadine Dubois event
  • October 15, - duplex with Drew to pick up leaves [we were incredibly efficient]
  • October 21 - after three months, we have a [non-flesh] dishwasher again.  It took that long to get the part and we were pretty sure they'd forgotten us.
  • October 20-23 - Gamehole Con.  Ha, got that one.
  • October 24 - bivalent boosted in time for in person New Hire training.
  • October 24 - Aeryn has a band concert at Ted Mann at the U of MN
  • October 25 - Luna passed
  • October 28 - I went to the movie Night Riders at the Walker and did the round of the sculpture garden and local upscale bars because I was there so early.  Aeryn was supposed to go with me but had their first date.
  • October 29  - munchies at Christos
  • November 1 - Jen and I made Sugar Skulls [I did post this one because Jen's posing with the sugar skulls almost like they're breasts, which is probably a creepy Day of the Dead type visual someone's done before more artistically].
  • November 3 - the MS ride bike kickoff at Utepils around dropping Aeryn off at a Seattle Kraken game [note, not a Wild game, Aeryn likes the Kraken].
  • November 4 - Mad God at the Trylon.  That was a trip.
  • November 5 - Black Adam with Jen.
  • November 8 - D spot with Jestine and Erik.
  • Also in November - Quit Banjo lessons.  Just couldn't make them fit with the new job.
  • November 13 - A birthday celebration where I introduced Aeryn to Krush Groove at the Trylon.  For someone who wasn't a hip hop guy in his youth, I always loved this movie.  Something about Prince-era 80s [even books like Emma Bull's War for the Oaks] makes me happy, even when it wasn't something I frequented back then.
  • Week of November 15 - birthday in California.  I did my New Hire event in Irvine.  I didn't visit the beach, but I ate a lot of ramen, found myself in the middle of an Iranian protest, found a cool place to have a banana split overlooking a square surrounded by apartments that would tax most incomes, met two of my new co-workers, did some charity, walked everywhere....had a great time for my first trip since I came back from the last company's planning meeting in Providence.
Yeah...I always wonder why I feel so busy when I think I'm not, but we definitely get around.  At least for me, empty nesting didn't really slow me down.  Of course, we're not empty nesting [again] as of recently, but that's a whole other thing.

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