Sunday, January 22, 2023

Smells Like Working Code

Erik and Jestine sent me a holidays present. It was a little startling because it came in this Styrofoam package with huge orange fragile stickers on it and heavily wrapped in tape to hold the two pieces together in what seemed like almost an airtight fashion.  If I wanted to picture what receiving an organ in the mail would look like, it pretty much fit the bill.

What was inside was almost as terrifying as a human organ..  They sent me a Smells Like Working Code candle to go with my Will Code for Coffee mug with Erik's...mug...on the front.  I've got to give it to this candle.  I use my office/game room as a bicycling room as well and I'll do an hour on the trainer with the door closed.  The temperature will skyrocket almost 15 degrees sometimes I put so much heat/energy into the air.  You probably can't imagine the sweat.  It's like I'm walking out of a sauna.  However....two minutes of the Smells Like Working Code candle and the room no longer smells like sweat.  It smells like an incredibly powerful and floral candle...mixed with sweat.


Lit up to provide that bit of ambience every blog post needs. That photo is scratch and sniff.  Try it.

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