Friday, January 27, 2023

Arbeiter Game Night

Wednesday, Aeryn and I went to Arbeiter Brewing in south Minneapolis to explore their game night.  I had high hopes based on their photos from the week before, but there was surprisingly little gaming going on.  I think the two games closest to us were a game of Magic the Gathering and cribbage.  Quite a few people and a good revolving group of people buying Nepalese food, but not a lot of stranger gaming as you'd hope to find.

It's also Lunar New Year's at Arbeiter, so they  had a few specials on tap.  I tried their Foundation - Blanton's Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout [12.6], their Wee Heavier - Buffalo Trace Barrel-Aged Scottish Wee Heavy [9.9], and Pfeffernusse [6.3].  I'm really glad Aeryn was driving or I'd have been calling a cab or walking to Allison's house.  Those were all delicious, but definitely had kick.  On the way out, the bartender fetched me a four pack of their Best Buds THC Seltzer because "we had talked about it."  I wasn't drunk enough to believe that, but I was tipsy enough to not be offended I looked like every other middle aged, six foot ish, bleary eyed white guy.  5.0 mg/16 oz can.  Jen noted it made her feel baked.

Without anyone to play with, we kicked up a game of Flamme Rouge with the Mateo [weather] expansion.  I balanced my cards well, although the one cyclist had a deck that was a pile of exhaustion cards by the end.

I think they're pedaling so fast here that they're blurry.  Or it's the rain. Don't crash little dudes.

My photo finish win.  And I still have both balls and a sunny disposition.

The general list of beers.  Quite the selection at the moment.

After a game of Flamme Rouge and Project L, Aeryn and I noticed that two of the people at the table next to us were playing with their phones while waiting for their friends to finish a very long game of Magic the Gathering.  We invited them over to play Project L and they had a great time.  Real fun playing with strangers.  Project L may be a perfect bar game.  That guy catty corner to me was really putting some serious thinking into the whole business once he got his brain wrapped around the strategy.  The Klund Kreations 3-d inserts are a nice add.  Makes it feel much classier than picking pieces out of a pile in a plastic bag.

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