Sunday, September 18, 2022

September 14 Dungeons and Dragons Recap

 September 14, 2022

Days: 5th day + 2 weeks and 2 days = 20 days [Oleg out of training at 3 months and 19 days, or day 109].

Dworm is researching the documents - may take a few weeks.

Party meets up at the Tipsy Bullywug all healed up and discusses what to do.  Hal is working on his new power ballad, Two Lights Become One.  He may also be writing the tale of Uncle Cinnamon.

After breakfast and a visit to the Newfangler shop and Collette’s Magic Shop, Ilduul, Hal, Wing [and Twilight], and Glaston head toward where they last saw the glowing portal in the middle of a grassy field in the woods. When they get there, there are now six glowing portals equidistant around the edge off the field near the woods and at the central portal the presumably newfangler they’ve seen before is messing around with things and ignoring them.  They approach him and notice they are being watched by three small flying machines. When pressed, he announces, “You took away from bullywug farm”, something about “experiments”,  and the rather sinister “I am trying to transcend death”.  After some debate with each other, Hal grabs an amulet / armband via a Mage Hand from one of the peripheral portals and the dome collapses as the amulet crawls up his arm and latches on, leaving behind the wires it was attached to.  This gets the newfangler’s attention and he sics the drones on the party.

The party discovers that the drones shoot little darts that have electrifying properties.  Ilduul manages to shoot one down and it explodes as it crashes starting a fire.  The other two disappear above the tree tops and start lighting the whole forest aflame as the party tries to retreat.  Ilduul is trying to get a read on the drones from the trees, but they are all screaming in panic and pain.

Back at town they talk to Maisy, the Newfangler apprentice, who shows them how you can use wires to electrify something and babbles about batteries [which no one understands].  Says it could be magical plus mechanical.  The MU guild isn’t useful because they don’t have an MU so they go to the church of Thoth to check out the arm band on Hal.

Hal won’t enter the church.

Ilduul tries to force him / grab him.

Hal charms Ilduul.  Ilduul then tries to convince Wing they really don’t need to go in the church and, per Hal, maybe it’s time for a beer.  One effect of the charm is that Ilduul now has NO problem remembering Hal’s name.  Everyone retires to the Tipsy Bullywug where Hal notes that everything smells and tastes particularly delicious after that fiery encounter.

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