Thursday, August 04, 2022

August 4, Dungeons and Dragons Recap

August 4, 2022

Days: 2

Group heads back to town.  They’re a little beat up, so not looking for trouble.  Folks stop at the Tipsy Bullywug to have some dinner and beer and mead.  Oleg bums a steak off Wing under the pretext he saved Wing’s life twice.  Ilduul makes a brief stop at Wilbur the Weaponsmith’s place for a cheap bow [same price as a steak, 1 gp].

Hal sings the Ballad of the Baby-Killing Orc to great applause.  He ponders staying at the inn, but the 2 gp for a room price is a bit steep.

The party finds some space at the Church of Thoth in the downstairs great room to rest.  Glaston notes that the bishop must be out at the moment.

Later that night, Oleg wakes up from a dream where someone is putting their tongue in his ear and another person is whispering to him, a whole chorus of “wake up”.  He awakes to a dome of light in the corner, his hat of tongues in his ear telling him to “wake up”, and some other voice urging him to do the same that is not the hat of tongues or a party member.

When everyone wakes up, they note that “Dween and Hammer” [Dworm and Glaston - Wing can’t remember their names] are missing and had been where the glowing dome is.  A shadowy man appears in the dome and looks about him declaring “Who is this?” at someone near his feet. He continues “Doesn’t matter.”  When asked his name he responds, “It matters Naught”, and throws a couple of weak magic arrows at the party and steps back into the dome.  As he leaves, a tentacled roughly 4’ tall x 6’ radius lump of grayish flesh slides out of the dome and attacks the party.  During the course of the fight, it tries to wrap the party members in jelly/eggy tipped tentacles, although when the main body is threatened, the tentacles try to block strikes.  Eventually the party, sans Dworm and Glaston, sever 13 tentacles.  Some seem to appear as others are dispatched.  A few [2] of the tentacles have small spear equipped bullywugs attached to their ends that seem to fight on the creature’s behalf [until put down].

Maybe the closest approximation of the tentacle monster, although the bottom more flat to the floor.

Within the dome of light, more waving shadows can be seen moving toward the party.  Oleg sees a hat with wires leading off it in the middle of the dome and stomps the hat viciously.  The dome of light vanishes.  Dworm and Glaston do NOT reappear.  The party, particularly Oleg and Hall, are very beat up and head to the bar to drink away their pain.  Oleg is sick of tongues in his ear and tentacles in his ear, and all other things in his ears.  He opines, “Are there any tongues in my ear?” to which Hal replies, “Not any more than there were before.”

In the bar the party asks the bullywug bartender about the bullywugs on the tentacles and about the hat, but no one seems to have any information and is amused about the tales of the hat-wearing tentacle monster in the basement of the church.  They urge the party to “get a little more drunk.”


650 each [Oleg, Hal, Ilduul, Wing]

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