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D and D notes from Wednesday, July 13, 2022

 July 13, 2022

Days: 1 - headed to where they can sleep a few hours away.


Hal the Bard is headed toward the town of Pendleton in Neyor. Neyor is known as a place a bard can really make a fortune as a performer/singer and values classic bards and tales of heroism.  On the way, he comes across a green half dragon with a staff sitting in a clearing having dinner.  While they chat and break bread, several small bundles of sticks and a little hard-to-see man approach the edge of the light and the little man asks for help.  He says his friend is guarding a farmers’ family they know and wants help to make them better.  Hal and Ill-dool agree to accompany the little man, who introduces himself as Grinder [Ill-dool recognizes him as a wood sprite].

The wood sprite leads them a ways until they get to where they see another dragon-ish looking individual outside a house, along with a religiously dressed fellow waiting for a cougar to retrieve his mace from the top of a thatched house, and a very large … Orc? … whose hands  are covered with a greenish ichor.  He appears to be somewhat inebriated.

The large half orc, who they learn is Oleg Mountainhewn, rushes one of the small spider-like bundles of sticks and smashes it.  The little man, Grinder, throws himself atop it crying in distress, and Oleg squashes him as well.

Inside the house, Hal has snuck in and closed the door and found a little man, Dworm, who’s looking around the room.  He opens one of the other two doors in the room and is confronted with two withered gray-ish people, one that seems to be a very old man, the other a very old woman, who start shambling toward him.  He throws himself against the door, but not in time to prevent one from lurching into the opening and allowing them to start to grasp their way out.

Hal backs off and Dworm yells for Oleg and a lengthy fight begins as they try to beat the two creatures back into the kitchen.  Eventually Dworm and Oleg and Twilight are all at the kitchen door trying to beat them back while Wing is firing arrows from afar and Glaston is trying to emanate a glow that is severely ineffectual [he might be trying to turn the zombies, but to no avail].

While they’re busy trying to separate heads from twitching bodies, Hal and Ill-dool open the other door and head into the root cellar where there is the distinct sound of a baby crying.  Ill-dool lights up the basement with fairy fire and Hal brings a lamp, and they see three more shambling creatures.  A family from the looks of them.  Fighting ensues.

Upstairs they’re finishing up with the two zombies, Oleg beheading them, and Dworm taking the time to cook them up good in the kitchen fireplace so there’s no chance of them resurrecting.  As they finish up, they hear the ruckus in the basement and move to help.

An extensive fight ensues until one zombie is turned and starts to walk away until shot, and another is cleaved by Oleg top to bottom.  Dworm investigates the baby only to find it’s a zombie baby that Oleg disposes of with a resounding smash of his axe.

Glaston notices signs of disturbance in the corner [detect all] and Dworm investigates and finds a potato-powered door.  Meanwhile, others are eating some root vegetables and dismembering zombies.

Inside the small 3x3’ entrance, Dworm finds a newfangler workshop that contains:

  • Plans for exploding screw bulbs, 1d2,1d3, 1d4, 1d6 - but the chemicals are expensive.  1/2/3/5 gp per bulb.  They’re proximity detonated [think nitroglycerine].  Be careful.

  • Plans for a staff that has several small spikes that pop out and spin, faster if used by someone who knows how to wield it, to do 1d3x4 damage.  The implementation was apparently sold to a newfangler in Pendleton.

  • Plans for the same staff where the head has been removed and placed in a jar to ‘blend’ food.

  • A map and some notes about creating a way to use magic items to power other things and diary entries/notes that the farmer, Dingler, was concerned about the people he was doing work for and that they’re dangerous to him and his family.

As Hal and Dworm are digging for notes, a torch is thrown into the room and lights up an amazing amount of paperwork.  As they rush out with what they can carry, they find that Oleg is lighting the whole damn place.  Questions about what the heck he’s doing elicit the response, “Zombies….you have to kill them twice.”

The party vacates, but not before finding a note that reads

Outside they regroup to watch the farmhouse burn to the ground [I absolutely am not putting a video of Morley Safer at Cam Ne here, but I will highlight that it’s the job of reports to aggressively question everything and speak truth to power….good on Morley].  

The consensus is to head back to Pendleton and shack up at Glaston’s Church of Thoth, get a rest and collect their money [except Hal and Ill-Dool], e.g. 5 gp each.  And some wine and wafers.

Ballad of the Baby Zombie

We breached the cellar

and there was a woman and her feller

Alive? No, dead, 

Dingler was fodder, he’d never use a bed

His family no longer alive,

His baby eaten, but could still arise

Zombies zombies one and all, 

Baby Zombie, the worst, a dark dark pall

We sliced and burned, 

…death to the undead

That’s what they learned

Baby Zombie

Undead in your crib

Baby Zombie

Remove your bloody bib

Baby Zombie

You bite the hand that feeds you

While flames wash like a flood

Baby Zombie

You spite the hand that feeds you

To drown in others’ blood

XP, this Encounter:

  • Two level 3 zombies = 100 x 7 [level difference] x 2 = 1400

  • Three level 2 zombies = 65 x 4 x 2 = 520

  • One level 0 zombie = 0

  • One little semi-invisible man: 270 hp

  • One little bundle of spider-like sticks: 65 hp

  • Total: 2255 [Oleg, Dworm, Wing, Hal, Ill-Dool, Glaston = 6] = 551 xp each, round up to 600 each  [nice, but confusing in places, interaction]

LAST Encounter:

XP: 65x4 for the spikers and 270 for the ‘sprite’ = 530/4 = 132.5 >> round up to 135 [Glaston, Dworm, Oleg, Wing]

Oleg: Natural 20, Great axe: II

Wing: Natural 19/20 with? I  [follow up with Scott - was it with the bow?]


July 6, 2022


Days: 1

Chris wants to be a Beserker….using 5e rules, will modify for homebrew [mostly a matter of aligning xp with rest of classes] 

  • Would get to rage.  Advantage on attacks. 5e.

  • Bonus action if not heavy armor, str checks str saving throws.  Bonus as higher.

  • Bludgeoning piercing casting. +2 rage damage.

  • Unarmored defense, 10 + dex + con - using THAC0, but an easy bit of math.

  • 12 sided die for HP.

Summary [need AC]:

  • Chris: Oleg Mountainhewn, HP 13, Barbarian, NG, gambler, not much money, AC: 

    • Has a hat of tongues

    • Oleg wearing his hat of tongues

  • Aeryn: Wing of Soaring Eagle, HP 6, Ranger, LN. AC:   Cougar named Twilight Sky.  Dragon born..

    • Has a cape of infinite wind Wing’s father traded for from Oberon the Fairy king for a night with Wing’s mother.

  • Kyle: Dworm the Dwnome, HP 3, New Fangler, NG. AC: 

    • Has knowledge of how to make screwbulbs.  Various ‘wattages’/brightness/lumens.  So many lumens.

    • Metal Mesh Cloak - AC4

    • Can add type A poison to things

    • Looking for a better weapon.

    • Short.

  • Scott: Glaston the Gelf, HP 8, Cleric, CG, AC: 8 [no armor, dex].  Cleric of Thoth currently assigned to Pendleton in Neyor.  3’ tall.

    • Shorter, GELF-ier, not as cocky looking

At Pendleton in Neyor

  • Oleg: Wilbur the Weaponsmith - teetotaler, anti gambling, very religious. Oleg is looking for a Great axe, 220 gp.  RENTS Oleg a Great axe. 2 gp per week, the 2 gp is magically deducted each week.

  • Wing: short sword 1d6, 35 gp. 1d8 75 gp. 36 arrows for 3 gp.  Arm is different color, silver.  Buys a gear for arm for 1 silver.

  • Dworm the Dwnome: hardware store, owned by a newfangler.  Glot the newfangler.  Bondhus wrench. 5 gp. 1d3 damage.  40 gp.  2B.  Crowbar [+3 v. doors], mallet, rope 50’.  6 gp.  Small lockpick: 6 gp.  Tries really hard to sell him the stick and spins it incessantly.

  • Back alley: gambling alley.  Oleg goes to check it out with a local female thief [unnamed].  Loses 4 gp.

  • Bar, the Tipsy Bullywug.

    • Gambles with Dworm. 

    • Wing is looking for work and the Bullywug bartender who sold them mead points out Glaston has work.

    • Glaston, worshiper of Thoth. Church has a farmer with an issue.  Farmer shows up every day for work - 6 hours of walking, although he has a horse.  But he’s been missing for two weeks.

  • Farmer’s Farm

    • As the party knocks - Oleg in particular - four clumps of hay leap off the roof to attack him.  Squish them and Wing crushes one.  Oleg feels woozy [acts like being very drunk, -4 TH]

    • Small invisible man is shooting arrows at them from the hay.

    • When Dworm forces the farm door, the little man [presumably] yells ‘no’, but they don’t know why because the Cougar, Twilight Storm, tries to subdue him and ends up breaking all his little fairy-like bones instead [dead].

    • Hay clumps are ‘dead’.  Little man is dead.  Door is open.  Two other doors inside.  One to kitchen?  One to cellar?  Chest in one room bedroom/dining room is just bedding.

    • Glaston’s mace is on the roof, but Twilight is going to fetch it for him.

    • XP: 65x4 for the hay and 270 for the little man  = 530/4 = 132.5 >> round up to 135

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