Monday, November 08, 2021

Busy Weekend

Wow...very busy weekend.  

On Friday, I got a hankering for a banana split.  I could have gone to the DQ, but a DQ banana split is the very bottom of my banana split ranking.  I'd rather try something I know nothing about and take the chance I'm not getting ice milk with oversugared toppings.  So we [Poot and I] went to Dar's Double Scoop in St. Paul.  Very enjoyable and delicious...under that mess of toppings is coconut and two kinds of chocolate ice cream.  It's smaller than some banana splits I've had, but let's be honest, it's incredibly reasonable and the price was really good and I don't need a banana split twice that size.  It's always too much anyway.

I liked their sculpture.  Here's Poot posing.  No need to do a mask version outside.

I did think this in the back where the BBQ joint [smelled SO good] and bathrooms were was pretty funny.  They didn't label the actual exit nearly as well.

On Saturday, we went to Aguirre the Wrath of God with K and L at the Trylon.  We hit Merlin's Rest for dill pickle soup, drinks, and fish and chips, and pasties first. I tried to convince my niece she should drive over to join us as she has a brand new license.

Aguirre was wonderful.  The scenes where he tromps around the boat dealing with monkeys and proclaims he will have a new kingdom and his rebellion against Spain to found said kingdom while everyone dies on the journey was surreal.  I'm looking forward to some of the other movies in the Warner Herzog series at the Trylon.

And last night, Poot and I went up to the Hook and Ladder to see Jill Sobule.  We stopped at Arbeiter Brewing first.  This photo isn't from last night, but it's from not so long ago when we went up specifically to catch the opening of the collaboration with Venn Brewing, Collider.  At 9.3% that stuff is heavy.  I'm headed up to find some in a growler tomorrow for my neighbor, as well as pick up a book at Moon Palace.

The Hook and Ladder was excellent for covid protection.  Masks and proof of vaccination. Not to mention the space isn't so huge you're swamped in people

The opening act was the Jorgensen Duo. Poot liked them enough to go chat and pick up an album.

Jill Sobule was hilarious.  Lot of hard core fans in the audience.  She started off with a fuck Aaron Rodgers and then told stories about songs she'd played while she was in the middle of brain surgery [including I kissed a girl].  Poot and I helped crowdfund her brain surgery, so those were cool stories.

She's brilliant on her instrument.  I liked the part where she launched into a little Jimi Hendrik riff in the middle of a not so hard core song.

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