Monday, November 08, 2021

Burning Bridges

Based on the lack of a response, I think I've burnt my bridges at Facebook.  Honestly, it's a bit sad because I like to think both my management and GraphQL skills are pretty good and they create some amazing tech - but I didn't mince words after the second exchange:

<name>, I would love to work for you as a company that has such cool tech. But I have to someone who understands you have an audience of three billion and can't get your %^%% together when it comes to being a responsible entity in the world....I'm concerned.  I really don't think I can be part of that....I can barely stand to talk to friends on FB knowing the implications for the world politically. simply because we're sharing memes and humor and that supports your visibility for antisocial upvoting.  Let me know when your ML is cleaned up and doesn't cause global stress. I fully understand I could help fix your problems ethically, but I haven't seen a commitment to resolving the problem/s.

As someone who works in ML, I get it's a challenge and there are hard problems, but it's a challenge a company has to step into, not talk away.  I truly hope FB finds an ethical sweet spot

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