Saturday, October 30, 2021

Gamehole Con 2021 - Day 5

And we made it.  Day 5 of Gamehole Con.  Which was really just a morning at Gamehole Con and a lot of travel.  We had an 8 a.m. game of Arkham Horror, the Living Card Game.  We showed up at 7:45 after packing up and everyone else was there so we got an early start, which was good, because we defeated the boss pretty much on the 10:00 a.m. deadline.

Great game. Cooperative.  Reminiscent of Betrayal at House on the Hill, but in a way I think Klund would like.  Living Card Games add expansions of characters, scenarios, and more, and it definitely felt more cooperative in nature than BaHotH...BHH? I thought the cards worked really well together as well as the special abilities, and it didn't take long to figure out I could swap fear against me for damage against a monster [mostly ghouls in this scenario] in a good way and use my mental power as a better attack system, particularly once I could cycle a few spells with a clever sidekick.  Others on the team were WAY better at searching than I was. If I'd been alone, I'd still be sifting around in the bookshelves and floor boards.

Bit of a fun story telling mechanism as well.  Some of that was left to the characters - e.g. my character was a waitress and someone [team decision] owned the house, so why did a waitress own the house?  That was actually a very important decision point at the end of the scenario, and you do experience-up as you move between scenarios.

Kudos to our game coordinator, although they just shut down the 2021 event list, so I can't thank him by name.  He was very prepared - walked us through it to the point we could play alone when he had to make a bathroom run, to the extent we even knew where to place additional doom and whether we had to wait for him to get back to trigger an event.  Additionally, he provided a very nice write up of the round sequence, actions, and even which versions of the game you should buy if you want to pick it up yourself.  He did highlight that the REVISED Core Set supports four players and the old set does not, so if you're shopping used, it's definitely something to watch for depending on the number you intend to play with when avoiding Cthulhu-y monsters.

Finally, these are two places we did NOT go, even though E and I stopped in the Dells to find lunch.  We wanted to eat at Denny's [the Denny's that's not part of the chain, although the one that is part of the chain is also there], but there were literally people out the door and down the sidewalk.  I don't think Dells seasons is officially over, which is....[checks the temperature outside, brrrr]...amazing.  We went to the Moose almost next door instead.

I seriously can't quite fathom who goes to the Totally 80's place just to take social media photos.  I must be getting old, because that sounds like something an old person would rail against.  It has no appeal for me whatsoever and that video looks boring.  How do you sell that as a business model?
The Mustard Museum....way more tempting.  They seem serious about their museum.  It's free.  And you can shop mustards by country, awards, recipes, and more.  Quite the set up.  Unless you're anti-condiment for the most part, like me.  They even purport to be America's Mustard College, fight song and all.

So that wraps it up.  I dropped E off at college and spent Sunday evening and all of Monday cleaning up and catching up with the things I'd left behind to go boardgaming.  Wonderful trip, and well worth almost 2% of my year, timewise.   Didn't realize how much I'd missed it with covid canceling it last year.

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