Saturday, April 10, 2021

Things I Learned Today

I learned that your Instagram network is your Instafam.  That's really annoying.  It makes me feel like one of those old dudes who doesn't want to learn new terminology because it feels so dumb.  I blame Alia Bhatt because I learned it reading about her social media from isolation.  I like Alia's movies.  The fact that this picture of her on a bicycle exists from Dear Zindagi with Shah Rukh Khan has nothing to do with my interest in her [I first saw her in Gully Boy, a recommendation from a co-worker at my last work place].

This is less learned and more learned someone.  I got half an M and M out of the house dispenser.  My wife said she only got a half the previous day.  I said that was my half.   She asked what color my half was.  I asked what color her half was.  Mine was blue.  Her half was yellow.  I said, "See."  She noted they were different colors and "see" made no sense.  I explained to her that it was what happens when you split a green M and M.

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