Thursday, August 06, 2020

Postcards in the Coronavirus Days - Part II

Sent to Larry: Giles Corey being crushed to death with rocks in Salem.

Sent to Kevin: Oliver Cromwell, supreme wanker for a brief period.  Scourge of Ireland.  Probably killed some relative of mine.

Jessica: Hosue of the 7 Gables, hidden staircase.
A card I literally wrote for Ben in 1990.  Cathedral built by Christopher Wren.
Sent to Kyle: pentagram from Salem, MA.  But, more appropriately ESTEBAN! (from Evilspeak)

Sent to Dave (Mr. Putty): Henvry VII because he sort of looks like him.
Sent to Ming: Throne, cause mine is nicer than his. (Westminster Abbey, Stone of Scone)

Sent to Marnie: Somewhere in Scandanavian a man is leaping for some reason.
Sent to PatF: Flags/Nights from my visit to the UK in 1990.
Sent to Soon: Old Plank Road in Yuma, AZ.  Soon has snakes under his deck, just like this road.
Sent to Kristine: Train from the MN Iron Range.

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