Monday, August 03, 2020

If I catch coronavirus...

If I catch coronavirus...I'm almost certain the vector is going to be the guy at Total Wine and Liquor today who couldn't wait the sixty seconds for me to finish my selection in the whisky aisle, but had to snuggle up a mere two inches from me so he could start gesticulating for someone to come get him the last bottle of some uber expensive scotch behind lock and key.  I like scotch, but I'm certain I could wait with the assurance no one was going to swoop in and scream "dibs!" in the whisky aisle.

I was nervous enough being in the liquor store.  That's a lot of tight aisles and no small amount of people and I need a few moments to peruse.  I could have preselected online, but I was looking for something made in the state that screamed "buy me!" as a gift.  Found what I wanted and got a bike ride in as part of the trip as well.  But I'm going to be annoyed if I get sick w/in that guy's exposure time frame.

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