Tuesday, August 11, 2020


Old man issues!  I gots me a bunion.  Right foot.  To be honest, I can't be certain it wasn't always there.  It's just that it happened to hurt after jogging.  I'd guess it's been there a LONG time, I just didn't recognize it.  Particularly as it's not small and if you hold the feet up side by side, the bunion is on one foot and pretty pronounced.

Not a shoe issue.  Could be a weight issue given my feet used to hurt quite a bit and I've only lost weight slowly over the year.  Well...could be the high heels (insanity.  Even if I was woman I don't see the point. My calves already look nice).  In the end, it seems to boil down to "go see a doctor/podiatrist".  Going to have to add it to my post-covid list of checkups.

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