Monday, May 18, 2020

May 2020 Reading

May Reading

Oof - killing a bunch of days here and just moving on to June.  To be fair, I read a LOT and watched a lot of presentations in May.  Soooo much stuff on tech (SVG, GQL, microservices, AI/ML, ad nauseam) and the protests in Minneapolis and more.  For anyone not tracking, this is the season of Coronavirus/Covid, Work from Home, and the protests in Minneapolis against the police.  It is a surreal "season" and aspects of my reading have suffered when it comes to concrete book format.  That said, June will be better.  I'm already reading The Oyster War, Final Cuts (short stories), Black Leopard Red Wolf, and Turn the Ship Around, plus some tech stuff.  I do need to get AWS This Week queued up better - it's always useful.

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