Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Some photo blogging for Halloween

Been a long time since I linked to Flickr photos. Last time I did, I think Flickr was still a Yahoo property.  My blog is starting to live past some of the earlier properties of the internet. Before it simply predated some of them.  This is a picture of Thomas Lake Park in Eagan in the sunset.  I was out Ingress-ing and bumping the local farm.  It's a better looking picture larger.  I think it looks like a puzzle box cover (and accompanying puzzle).

I had my first Halloween at the new job.  We had a site party with beer, pizza, and board games.  M. scored a perfect score (0) in Parade.  I lost horribly at Exploding Kittens.  And G. won at Zombie Dice.  We played the base version because trying to integrate the hottie and jock were beyond my immediate capabilities.  A. won "scariest cookie".  This is not her cookie.  It's mine.  I went with a headless gummy bear cemetery.  It tasted the death it embodies.  If I had thought about it, I might have tried to create a Beetlejuice theme.  We had gummy worms and I could have colored one up black and white.

Here I am losing at Exploding Kittens - safe for work edition.  I fully failed to deploy my "nope" earlier which would have kept me in the game a bit longer.

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