Saturday, August 10, 2019

Reading August 2019

I read a lot more last month than I thought.  Four full books....actually five.  The omnibus throws my count.  Being on a bike ride with lots of reading time and starting to ride the express bus makes a big difference.

I should note, because I can't find them anywhere and I want to record them, in the last year I also read:
  • A Long Way to a Small Angry Planet - Becky Chambers
  • Ring of Swords
  • Strange Bird - Jeff Van de Meer
I recorded only about 25 pages/day of Superforecasting.  That was a slow read for me.  Particularly as I was doing a lot of training/new job stuff this month.  I had whole days of onboarding.  Made for a bit of burnout.  And much of the training that's not here I started, but I'm finishing in September.  And, I recorded about 80 pages of Amber Spyglass each day.  That was a LONG book (but very enjoyable).

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