Monday, February 04, 2019

Betrayal at House on the Hill: Legacy

We've been playing a four person series of Betrayal at House on the Hill: Legacy.  Eryn, Pooteewheet, Me, and P (friend of Eryn's).  On Saturday we played episode one.  Which is a little disingenuous as there is an episode zero.  An introduction.  Episode one was more fun than episode zero, although the narrative elements make it really enjoyable.  It's basically an RPG with some boardgame functions wrapped around it.

I like the naming your character convention.  I went with little Weezie Lynn Gables and her teddy bear Sanford.  I got the Scholar role, which was largely pointless, and weird for a 12 year old.  It was more amusing when I drew a card that said I was chained up in a room and had to unchain myself.  I told my wife Sanford and I were play acting a bit of bondage, but I had escaped because we had a safe word.  Justifiably creepy for a precocious little scholar.

I was pretty sure I handled the game correctly and basically barricaded myself in a room on the top floor behind rows of traps that basically prevented the other characters from backing up.  So not only did I have traps between me and the baddy, I had all the other characters between me and the baddy.  This is undoubtedly how a 12 year old should approach being knowingly stalked by supernatural entities.  Make the adults deal with it and set up some Home-Alone traps just in case they're useless.

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