Saturday, January 26, 2019

Yellow Bike

I like bicycling videos.  There's a whole post about them around here somewhere that's been slowly falling apart as the videos disappear off Youtube.  I have bicycles I pound into the ground that last longer than some things on Youtube.  It's not a very permanent platform which surprises me, given the things I put up on it in the early days are still there.  That said, I know of at least one video I have that disappeared because there was copyrighted music playing in the background.  I never post for hits - only for a personal archive, so it's amusing how tightly fair use of whatever is just playing over a speaker somewhere, like a coffee shop, can negate your right to a video.  Given the whole microtransaction culture, you have to worry at some point you might not be able to post something in any way because it has someone's copyrighted/patented color, advertising playing somewhere, clothing patterns, or one of a million things you'll need permission to show.  Hyperbole and vaguely the stuff of science fiction, but it has parallels.

Then again, sometimes it just moves.  I think the Pushbike song is one such example - I should just relink.

Anyway, courtesy of one of the RAGBRAI groups I follow, here's Pedro the Lion singing about his Yellow Bike.


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