Monday, June 12, 2017

Busy Busy

We had a busy weekend.  On Friday night we went to The Blob at the Trylon.  Not the newer one.  The old, 1958, Steve McQueen one, which is one of my favorite movies from when I was a kid.  Eryn really liked it, including how old all the "teenagers" looked and how the female lead had to say "Steve" every time she addressed Steve McQueen.  She also liked the song...

And the climate change warning at the end, 60 years ahead of the curve:
     Lieutenant Dave: At least we've got it stopped.
     Steve Andrews: Yeah, as long as the Arctic stays cold.

Saturday was my old boss Sandy's youngest daughter's graduation.  She was two when Sandy and I first started working together.  We had Eryn's baby shower at Sandy's house.  Eryn really liked that Emma had a free ice cream truck at her graduation.  I think it made it worthwhile.  Lots of coworkers past and present in attendance.

From there we were off to Lake Monster brewing to celebrate my sister's 40th birthday.  Nice brewery.  I hadn't been there before.  Mostly we talked to family and tried to stop children from whipping the golf balls in the ladder golf game at each other.

The food truck left without a replacement, so we scuttled off to The Blue Door Pub for dinner.  Bacon blucy and lots o' tots.  There are still some in the fridge.  My wife really liked it, but wasn't keen on the lack of a/c.

Sunday was all about the rental property in Richfield.  That's three rental properties in like three months and we're still getting people settled in the two that we're "done" with.  Currently we're renovating Andrew's old side.  Cleaning, new blinds, paint, redo the wood floors (hired someone for that), finding money for all those things because three tenant changes in three months is expensive no matter how you manage it, landscaping, windows, moving around utilities, and just more and more cleaning.  Lots of cleaning.  After about six hours we had the majority of it done, but I think I'll still have to spot paint the kitchen, paint two ceilings, and repaint a room where the spot paint didn't match.  And I still have to pain the bathroom in Apple Valley.  Tomorrow I'm down there to ensure the bathroom remodeling contractor can get in because they've stood him up twice.

My wife and Eryn helped, so afterwards we went to Pizza Luce as it's right there.  My wife hadn't been.  She liked The Bear....lot o' meat.

And today...we skipped dinner and had ice cream at Nelson's in St. Paul for dinner.  That's a crazy amount of ice cream.  My wife thought ahead this time and took plastic containers in a lunch cooler to dump the excess ice cream into.  I'm not sure that I needed to bring home half a "single" of raspberry chocolate chip ice cream.  I've really had more than enough.

We've also been to Wonder Woman (wonderful) in the last week and gaming in St. Peter (got a new game other than The Grizzled) plus the candy store in Jordan, twice, now even bigger with it's giant yellow dome.  No shortage of activity around here.

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