Sunday, February 12, 2017

IGH Burlesque

As an early Valentine's Day date night, my wife and I went to burlesque in Inver Grove Heights at Jersey's Bar and Grill.  We were dubious...we've done all our burlesque attending in downtown Minneapolis and Chicago (whoa...six years ago now) before, so the crowd is pretty diverse.  The crowd is not very diverse in Inver Grove Heights.  Except the MC, although his humor was the kind of self-deprecating humor you get when a minority is faced with a room full of Caucasians. He was funny anyway, and did a great job keeping the crowd engaged.  Still, after the belly dancers had cleared off and the burlesque had started, the crowd whooped it up and seemed to enjoy the whole show.  Although there was nothing like the unicorns and Hello Kitty/GI Joe stuff we used to see at BOMB.

Musette and cast just offstage.  It was a very small stage.  Considerably different than a big theater.  I don't think it was good for belly dancing and I was dubious about how it would work for burlesque, but it was pretty intimate.

We hadn't seen Sweet Pea in years.  She did a number of acts, including this one with multiple hula hoops.  Both she and Scarlette Revolver had hula hoop acts.  Sweet Pea managed to remove most of her outfit while spinning the hoops the whole time.  Impressive.

I mentioned this to Kyle.  Sweet Pea danced to Heart's What Above Love.  A truly horrible song in my opinion.  But a great performance.
Sweet Pea Heart

It's Nadine Dubois!  We hadn't seen her since BOMB!  And my wife noted that while the guys had had Nadine as an MC, the women hadn't (we tended to go on different nights - avoided baby sitters), so she hadn't seen Nadine in even longer.  She sat with us for a while in between numbers.

Nadine singing.
Nadine 2

Scarlette Revolver doing a triple hula hoop act.


The place was bigger than we expected.  Not anywhere near the size of the Ritz Theater, but all the tables were full and there were folks sitting in every available seat.

Here it gets weird.  Ready?  Gollum dancing with the one ring.  Reminded me of the burlesque event Kyle, Ming, Fat Leonard, and I went to at the Varsity where the Suicide Girls did burlesque with a sci fi theme.  First time I ever heard Super Massive Black Hole.  I was telling Eryn all about it the other day because I thought she find the idea of someone doing burlesque with a Portal theme amusing - particularly the cake throwing bits.  I was not incorrect.

It's not truly weird until you get to see a bit of video.

This was enjoyable - Baby Got Back done Taco style.
Baby Got Back

And the whole group.  Sans Elektra Cute who did some great numbers.

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