Sunday, February 05, 2017

Hawaii - Post 2

This was my morning walk on the big island most mornings.  Along that shoreline and way past the Hilton over there  There's an Ingress portal on this point.  I can't recharge it from Minnesota, but it was a nice spot to link to that no one else wanted to walk to while I was in Hawaii and it gave me a reason to take the more difficult walk than along the side walk with the joggers.  I walked down to that little flat area of rocks when the tide wasn't in.  There were generally golf balls all over that area.  Reminded me off the Seinfeld episode where Kramer nearly kills a whale and George saves it.

When the tide was in you didn't want to be down there.

I walked past this most mornings too.  Apparently this path goes a LONG way between towns.  I was tempted to walk it, but I finally decided if it looked like this in this spot, it looked like this in every spot.

Some of the stranger morning photos.  This is the Zen garden.  KEEP OUT!  No trespassing in the Zen garden.

This is a plant that sexually harassed me once a day.  It sort of looks like it has a priapism issue.

A nice picture closer to one of the beaches.  This was not untypical of the beaches near where we were staying.  They were not great for swimming unless you wanted to get cut up.  As a matter of fact, when we went snorkeling in the shallows at one of the local beaches known for snorkeling, my wife, daughter, and I all cut our feet up pretty good.  I still have a bit of a scab about five inches long that's finally going away after over a month.  Brain coral.  Sharp.  Wear flip flops or surf shoes.  You will note a decided lack of pictures of sea life in my posts although we saw a lot: turtles, whales, dolphins.  No rays - if you're going to see the rays book WAY in advance.  It was the one thing we really missed by not planning ahead extensively.

That said, here's a sea turtle.  Bad picture, but it was pretty early in the morning and s/he was headed into the hotel area to visit some friends.

These are the turtle's friends.  There are two dolphins in there for the hotel dolphin encounter (we weren't at this hotel, but the walking path looped back and forth through the hotel grounds).  I felt kind of bad for them, but in the mornings they were zipping all over the place playing with each other.

There was a tendency to carry white rocks to where there were black rocks and make all sorts of initials in hearts graffiti.  So we made one for Klund.

In panorama...

Sadly, it didn't even last a day.  Love is fleeting.

Unless you take a video of it, then you have it forever.  Along with the soothing sounds of the waves in the background.

I ate this on the big island.  It's a loco moco.  I had a few of them to compare and contrast.  Rice, fried egg, hamburger, gravy.  The gravy was generally the biggest difference.  But it was seriously Minnesota food.  No spice, pretty straight forward meat and starch.  I'm surprised I can't find them on every corner here.

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