Wednesday, February 01, 2017


I cannot recommend Kane Klenko's game Fuse more adamantly.  Klund played the game with him at Gamehole Con and introduced us to it.  I picked up several copies as Christmas gifts for nieces and nephews and then bought another four for work-related collaboration activities.  One stayed with the family.  One is at work.  One went to Mean Mr. Mustard.  And the fourth became a present that was strangely already open.  But no less fun.  So I've personally purchased six copies.

Playing it at work was excellent.  One of the better developers I work with had a hard time with the game because he spent a lot of time figuring out the dice sharing to optimize it.  That just meant he was going to run out of time.  The one teammate who came late and didn't get to play, just watch, bought a copy to take on her island cruise.  My family has had a brilliant time despite all these losses (the 5 player losses are my team at work) and an equal, if not more, losses on my daughter's phone.

I've found two people who don't like it.  One who's super competitive and can't stand collaborative games (you're working together to share dice against a 10 minute clock), and my wife, who finds the whole experience upsetting and stressful.  One of the developers/testers at work said the same thing - she particularly hated the iOS application that made all sorts of loud noises at it counted down to zero.  She even asked if I could turn it off.  I told her only if I could make the noises myself.

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