Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Data Science Essentials in Python

I was looking for a programming book my daughter and I could work on together, so we're going to tackle the one I got in 2016 that I had to forgo in March when things started to fall apart: Dmitry Zinoviev's Data Science Essentials in Python published by Pragmatic Programmer.  I made it through a few of the use cases and I think it will be a good book for daddy/daughter coding time.  Not to mention I can piggy back off some of it for Python for kids revamping for next summer which I just haven't found time to rewrite although it desperately needs it to make it more hands on, even though the focus is Python + Turtle so there's graphical feedback.

It's strange, but there are no reviews on Amazon.  I made it through the first few chapters Q1 2016 and I remember it being basic, but beyond simple Python, and the examples required quite a bit of thinking and independent research (parsers, etc), making it a great little textbook.  I'm hoping it'll spur some conversation while we code because that's really what most (collaborative) coding is about in my experience.  Yesterday, "What is Data Science."  Today, "Hello ."

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