Sunday, July 17, 2016

Weekend II - Guitar Recital at DEMO

Today Eryn had a guitar recital at DEMO.  Since Aaron moved Root Note, the recitals are much, much smaller and in the waiting room at DEMO.  Very different feel from the big building they used in Burnsville (The Garage, used by the Burnsville Youth Collaborative).  Poppa and Manna joined us for the recital.  They had a full weekend of us!

Here's the playlist.  Khan's piece was beautiful.  Ariana Grande is much better acoustic and without her singing (in my opinion).

Eryn played a few pieces from Undertale.  She was unhappy with her rendition of Battle Against the True Hero, so I'm not posting the video.  It's gone.  She was mostly frustrated that she knew it - she's been playing it for her online friends for months - but still got off beat. If she didn't get visibly frustrated, I don't think anyone would know.  It's not like the adults are Undertale experts.  But she's playing it more for herself, so that's frustrating for her.

At least she smiled at the end of the song.  She's wearing her Undertale shirt for the recital.

This is Megalovania.  They did a great job.  Eryn's really got the head down bass player vibe going.  Sort of amusing.

Here's all of Megalovania.  Afterwards, Drew and Matt did a few other ad hoc tunes including some music from Lord of the Rings and what looked to be a hell of a piece from some Jamaican blues artist that required fingers up and down the whole neck.  Great time.

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She was pretty deep in the tune.