Monday, July 18, 2016

National Bike Challenge - LIES!

I have not put as many miles in this summer as I usually do, but I've been trying to mimic my at-least-one-mile-a-day goal that I attempted last summer.  With few exceptions, I do at least two miles, even when it's pouring so hard I'm riding in a few inches of water.

Which is why this calendar irritates me.  I did NOT miss the 29th of May.  Not, not, not.  It's far more likely my odometer glitched.  I love my Garmin, but sometimes (including today) it gets stuck, and unless I'm very careful about making sure it synced, it doesn't catch up and log the ride for the current day.

As you can see, that becomes the ONLY day I've missed.

Most days even have multiple rides.  Although that's more common now that I pedal somewhere, Ingress, and then pedal back or pedal somewhere else.  I've got a few weekends where I pedal to Caponi Art Park, pedal to Schultz beach, and then home.

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