Sunday, April 17, 2016

Wasteland 2

I've been playing Wasteland 2 on the Xbox lately.  I loved the original, although I've never gotten into the whole Fallout series.  They left a lot of the quirks in the game, and I was panicked when my surgeon was dying and I didn't have a backup surgeon available (fortunately, I had skill points I hadn't spent).  And the part where I have to find rad suits to get from point A to point B gave me flashbacks.

Here's Kyle.  I feel bad that I haven't flushed out his biography.  Contrary to that pistol in his hand, he's usually running around with a shotgun and a machine gun he hasn't trained up in yet.  He's not great in a long range fight, but he's been instrumental in taking out several wounded enemies who get close in.  And he's got some good "kiss ass" skills modified by both a trinket and a perk.  I missed his chance to kiss ass a little tattle tale who saw me bust open some doors because I was a point short.  That won't happen again.

"I know my shotgun is big, but you seem so dangerous you don't need a gun.  You could probably take me on without one..."

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