Friday, March 04, 2016


Yesterday, during a management meeting, there was a lively - as lively as possible given the topic - discussion about the skateboard model and Minimum Viable Product (MVP).  The idea is that you focus on features rather than an end state.  So instead of building a car by creating wheels and then a steering wheel and then an engine, you instead build a skateboard, then a bike, then a scooter, then a motorcycle, then a car.  You can see it laid out here.  As a bicyclist, I have a problem with the model, because I'm happier with a bike. I never get to car.  My focus is on what can I do with less, but still get more (I can afford multiple cars, no gas, less maintenance, more "intent" in my destinations, time with friends to talk, exercise, less maintenance, I can still haul most things in my trailer >> e.g. I don't need an engine on my app, I need a two wheeled trailer).

Around here we think the car is the goal, regardless of how much you might like the bike.  One of the architects echoed that sentiment and said, "What if I want a hovercraft?  I might like a hovercraft."  To which I wanted to scream, "MY HOVERCRAFT IS FULL OF EELS!"  Now I'll never know if my coworkers are Monty Python fans or if I'd have received a written warning.  We've got a lot of new focus on MVP, so perhaps I'll get another chance.

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