Saturday, March 12, 2016

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

I've been thinking about Keep Taking and Nobody Explodes since I saw Felicia and Ryon Day play it on their show.  So tonight Eryn and I gave it a play test so I could see whether it would make a good game to play as a team building exercise at work.  I'm sold.  Our videos don't catch the back and forth well because you don't hear me, but you'll get the idea.  Great interaction game.  We set up a little station with a chair and light (and manual) outside the computer room instead of going with the VR.

I'd add that the little blurb of music at the end sounds VERY like Red Dwarf music which made it that much more fun.

Felicia and Ryon playing. You don't have to use body-part imagery when you play with a kid.

Eryn's and I play our first game...

A more complicated game...

And we blow up. That multi-word puzzle was rough. Not sure if you can hear it but at one point I tell her Uh uh, and she goes with Uh Huh. Or vice versa. I knew exactly what she'd done once it happened.
And Pooteewheet plays a few games with Eryn. It was amusing that they had a much harder time communicating what the shapes on the keypad were.

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