Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Bride Wore Black

Kyle, Lisa, Pooteewheet, and I went to The Bride Wore Black at the Trylon tonight.  I thought the Jeanne Moreau series looked interesting (there are two going on in town simultaneously), and the fact that Truffaut (the director) thought Bride wasn't right for his own tastes struck me as something I'd probably enjoy, particularly coming from someone who directed Fahrenheit 451.  

It's a revenge tale and parts of it are very amusing, although it's difficult to know whether they were originally supposed to be.  Particularly the blatant sexist entitlement of all the French men (a politician to be notes that women love politicians because they can rationalize that he set aside all of France for me for one night).  Killing someone via duct-taping them in Harry Potter's closet under the stairs and the whole scene with the child who can't communicate that Julie is not his teacher are also amusing, but not outside a bit of suspended disbelief.  What still comes through is that Julie is single minded in her desire to eliminate those that wronged her, which resonates with a lot of the revenge tales that have been filmed since The Bride Wore Black.  Ebert loved it in a review written before I was born.

This has nothing to do with the movie, but I thought it was fun to poke my camera phone into the window before the film started.  Eryn is looking forward to a seat being named after Peter Venkman.

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