Friday, February 19, 2016

Minnedemo 22

I went to Minnedemo 22 last night at the Depot in downtown Minneapolis.  I tried to have dinner at Zen Box beforehand, but I was looking for food prior to 5:00 p.m., so it was a no go.  I ended up over at the Crooked Pint eating a peanut butter juicy lucy.  Good.  But not as good as the Blue Door (Longfellow) which, I have to say, is my favorite (and Eryn likes their wings; and it's close to guitar lessons) after Chetek, WI.  But that just might be sentiment speaking.

I will admit, I didn't stay for the whole thing.  I got downtown too early, so I was getting squirrely after a few presentations.  I watched Who's Driving, an app for coordinating car pools if you have kids in extracurricular events.  My sentiment was I'm really happy I never have to carpool and even consider using that app. I see the happy people on the app website and think, "They're so happy they're f***ing over their friends."

I watched Twistjam, which involved an Asian guitar player (does his race matter?) sitting on stage not really playing guitar for 7 minutes.  The app is cool, but Mike and Eryn told me you have to enter your own cords which is a pain in the ***.  They're playing with it to see what the limitations are.  It's a Rock Band style guitar-learning app., notable for being presented by a U of MN student.  Dude.  Come work for me.

Homi, which I shared with Charlotte because it was created by a Carleton econ alum.  She helped me interview an intern last week and right afterwards I talked to a Carleton intern candidate.  Most of the Carleton folks I've talked to are above average.  Which is strange for a college known for liberal arts skills.  But I've found a good prof or two with real world experience makes all the difference in the world.

And  Well.  I played with that all the way to Izzy's where I had a bourbon izzy on a scoop of Zin chocolate ice cream.  The presenter was particularly funny and joked that he was the only person not to use the word monetized.  More of an art project than anything else.  But fun if you're wandering around downtown and paying enough attention that you're pretty sure you won't get mugged.

Vidcomet and Aurelius.  You're on your own.  Although Aurelius sounds particularly interesting to me as a manager, so I'll be checking it out.

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Zack said...

Sorry you had to miss our demo. If you're interested in learning more, feel free to reach out!


Zack from Aurelius