Sunday, December 06, 2015


Getting all my photos and books and things I track in order so I'm organized.  I realized exactly how useful some of my history was when Eryn and I went looking for a list of teas we'd tried last year at Mrs. Kelly's teas.  There are photos, videos, and just general memory floating around I haven't collated.  Books were difficult too, just because I have a mix of purchased, library, and Kindle now and I don't always keep everything up to date.  I did find out that with 21 years of data, I read 13800 pages per year on average, or about 1150 pages per month.  About 3 books a month.  I crunched the numbers because I realized I was coming in way under last year at 14000+ pages.  But last year with 22000+ pages was my readingest year ever.

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