Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Stupid iliotibial band

I've got pain on the outer side of my left knee again.  It's been years, 2.5 years.  The round spongy cylinder is down from the rafters, and I can feel the stress all the way up the side of my leg into my hip.  Now I'm left to ponder whether walking less this year has contributed to it flaring up (took almost 2000 miles of bicycling, so I'm surprised it appeared when I was pedaling slightly less).  Might require a trip to the physical therapist to see what I can do to head it off.  My sister assures me the cylinder helps and, if I'm crying, I'm probably doing it right.

I see I should be focusing on rest, ice, and anti-inflammatories as well and some recommendations to improve the hip strength (an issue for me given the fractures) and talk to the therapist if I have an a short leg because of a fractured hip.

Here's a guy working a foam roller:

And here are two guys working their physical therapy magic on someone else:

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