Wednesday, July 08, 2015

The Fourth

We made it back from vacation in time for the fourth in Eagan. It was a little bit busier than usual as the old Lockheed Martin lot where much of Eagan used to tailgate and watch the fireworks was fenced off and under deconstruction. We usually sit up near Wells Fargo which isn't exactly close to the fireworks, but allows easy viewing, and a comfortable place to park some lawn chairs, drink root beer, and eat popcorn out of a grocery bag without being in anyone's way or having to walk a mile.

Even with the extra people, it would have been a good place to watch the fireworks this year except a guy near us felt the need to add a soundtrack.  Patriotic tunes are great, but when your soundtrack shifts to Katy Perry's Fireworks, that sort of detracts from the experience.  So when I recorded some of the fireworks I did it with stop motion so the soundtrack is left out (I guess I could have edited the sound out as well, but I like the stop motion effect better anyway).

So in the interests of showing the sky who the fuck is in charge, to quote John Oliver, here's a long clip, followed by...

the final display.

And here's John Oliver's take on fireworks last year...

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