Thursday, February 26, 2015

Why We Killed Off Code Reviews

An interesting article at

 I wasn't familiar with the 200 lines of code per hour study they cite from the IEEE.:

That sounds excruciatingly slow, although not out of reason. There have been days in my history where I wrote thousands of lines of code. Sitting down for 8-10 hours of line-by-line would have been excruciating (and some of that code was still running as of this year, so I know it survived my developer demise). It's interesting to see the issue of context switching infesting everything, even what's considered a best practice.

 "You push a pull request. Someone else has to stop what they’re doing to review it. Meanwhile, you’ve started the next feature. If the reviewer has questions, you’re pulled back into that conversation with possible changes to make after the fact."

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