Sunday, February 01, 2015


We had a good weekend.  On Friday night we went to the play at Inver Hills high school to see the play for which Eryn had been doing tech/stage the last few months.  It wasn't a single theme.  Instead they did The Acting Games.  Much like The Hunger Games, but the competition was amongst the styles of actors to determine who would win.  Losers were relegated to jobs as barristas and waiters.  The second half was musical numbers from a variety of movies such as Moulin Rouge, A Teen Beach Movie, and Les Miserables.

Then Eryn and my sister took off to Southern Minnesota on Saturday to see The Sudden Lovelys play.  So my wife and I had an evening to ourselves.  We went to Chang Mai Thai for dinner and then to the Lagoon to see animation shorts.  Most of them were great, although The Dam Keeper was amazing.  Absolutely beautiful, and a great story about a pig who's bullied but finds a best friend.

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