Monday, February 09, 2015

Double Entendre Mug

One of the developers who used to be in my org chain (I hate saying that - let's say one of the developers I used to work with) and really liked left me this mug when he took off to Amazon.  It's a good size and, with an office and satellite cube closer to my team, I left it in the cube so I have a coffee cup in each location.  It wasn't until last week, probably while zoning from being less caffeinated since December 1, that I realized the decoration along the bottom is a bit dubious.  I'm not saying it's decorated with erect phalli and testes, the other side looks a little more noses with mustaches, but it would be hard not to see it once someone pointed it out to you.

This hasn't stopped me from using it.  I'm perfectly comfortable being the manager with the Tardis mug and that weird phallus mug.  It's not the most controversial manager characteristic I'm aware of over the last 17 years.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, sure, but you won't be the Manager Who Wears Funny Socks! PTW