Monday, January 19, 2015

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie...Not Really

Before I get around to talking about Theatre in the Round's production of The Prime of Miss Jane Brodie and Picnic at Hanging Rock at the Trylon, I'm going to muse once again about the gap in writing here.  Some introspection.  I've discovered there a few things that I have a problem keeping going consistently that used to be easy.  I could blame age.  I could blame work.  I could  blame the sheer influx of media delivery systems, which might actually have something to do with it if I had to pick one likely culprit.  But it's more accurate to say there are peripheral impacts from two and a half years ago that are still working themselves out in my head.  Losing my last chunk of weight.  Reading at a consistent rate.  Writing at a consistent rate.  I make what look like seriously motivated pushes, but I know it's different than it was.  Doesn't seem like physical brain problems.  More like things that I did before 2.8 years ago are now more difficult to prioritize because some little bird in the back of my head says if I do anything similar to the past, I'm daring Fate to step in.  A little bit of magical thinking that, if you know me and know my habits, seems entirely at odds with what it looks like externally.  E.g. I actually read more last year than any year in my life.  I moved between numerous teams and still was fairly productive and learned some new domain work that I think is somewhat unique.  I did a lot of writing, even if it wasn't my traditional avenues.  I did more charity work than in previous years even if you don't include Litterati.  You'll just have to trust me when I say I'm off.  So I'm taking steps to remediate.  Not to get back to what I was, but to get back to some of the things that are important to me: writing, reading, bicycling (being healthy and getting to a goal weight).  We've instituted quiet time at my house for about an hour a day to get rid of the electronics so they're not distracting.  Doesn't require everyone participate every day, but if you're there, you can't be using the television, xbox, iPad, or phone.  It's amazing what an impact it has on allowing everyone to sit and read or study, including helping Eryn do her homework.  Writing: that's mine to own.  But writing here is a valid outlet, so I just have to recommit.  And as for bicycling, well, once again, it looks like I was all over it with 3500 miles one year and over a thousand the next. But I haven't been as excited about plans to bike.  So I picked a destination this year in lieu of RAGBRAI (I'm bicycling to Chicago) and planned a few long bicycling weekends in advance.  That'll double up resolving the issue of not taking enough vacations with the family either.  Maybe, in the end, it all comes down to active, decision-driven behavior, as opposed to passive, roll with the biggest issue, least work behavior.  Which, once again, speaks to a change in how I'm approaching things.

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