Monday, January 19, 2015

New Setup for the Training Room

I'm not sure you can tell from this video, but that monitor on the right is very large.  I realized while I was at Dan'l's house today that he basically had a television hooked to his computer.  Why this didn't occur to me before, I don't know, because we certainly hooked Eryn's Raspberry Pi up to the television.  And upstairs, I had a television that was out of warranty where the sound would crank up to maximum no matter what we did.  You can't really watch it that way without upsetting the neighbors. A scouring of the web indicated this was a common problem with the television and not fixable without removing the board and messing with it.  Something I had no desire to do.  However, if you hook the same television up to the computer via HDMI, then absolutely no sound is needed whatsoever.  You can just leave it on mute.  End result, The Pacific (which Ming and Kyle wouldn't loan me) absolutely huge while I ride my trainer and my wife gets my old wide screen as an extender for her work.  Win all the way around.

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