Monday, January 26, 2015

Indoor Pedaling

I've been keeping track of my indoor mileage since 12/1/14 to record my off-season training.  So far I have:

433.90 miles
26 hours 46 minutes 39 seconds

Not really extreme by some people's standards, but a lot of exercise for a family and a day job and still reading and studying (I can't study or read while bicycling - my brain doesn't like it and the sweat discourages it), and I mix it up with some hill climbing by going 3% or 4% for a minute to a minute and a half out of every ten minutes every few rides.

For fun, I've been tracking how far I'd have gone in the real world:

East:  Eagan to Eau Claire, WI to Spencer, WI to Richford, WI to Milwaukee, WI to Hammond, IN
West: Eagan to Olivia, MN via the Luce Line to West Spring Scientific & Natural Area to Madison, SD to Mitchell, SD to Chamberlain, SD to US 83 & State St (57579) sort of on the way to Valentine, NE.  Going West would apparently be a tough hall if you want to find places to stop.  Might have been better to aim for the top of ND.  Which would have been more interesting in terms of Idaho/Montana, but Colorado would be fun too.

I think it's a bit off because a straight run to Chicago says 452 miles.  I probably miscalculated here or there or reached for the nearest town.  Still, close enough for horseshoes.  By the time I pedal to Chicago, I should have at least three Chicagos under my belt.  Basically to DC going East and Twin Falls, Idaho, going West.  Which looks cool on a map if you don't factor in the six months of pedaling.

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