Monday, November 03, 2014

Movember 2014

It is once again Movember.  Last year, I tried to go with the Shahrukh Khan, but when I learned I couldn't have a beard, I had to go with a modified version that wasn't nearly as sexy.  I'm sure I would have looked exactly like this, instead of this, had I been able to maintain the beard.  I ended up more motorcycle gang or aging Seattle hipster than buff Bollywood star.

Today we had our start of the month shave event in the corporate learning center and I had to shave off the mustache I grew to be Commander Chris Hadfield for Halloween.  There was more there than I expected.  It took an effort.  Not nearly as much as Ron, who seemed a bit manic about shaving off his mustache for the first time since he was 18.

I can't go with the same theme two years in a row, and the Hadfield was sort of a Magnum PI (Selleck) and made me look like a porn star, so instead I'm going with a Reynolds.  A bit longer on the ends so it rolls around the corners of the mouth, tapered, and squared off just a bit on the sides.  Once again, I'm short the hair necessary to pull it off (on my head), but I'll make a best attempt, and I can throw a black jacket over my shoulder if it adds a bit of misdirection.  I think we shave just before Thanksgiving, so it's going to be a very short growing season.

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