Monday, November 10, 2014

Gaming and Things

We spent the weekend in St. Peter hanging out with the Klunds, playing a lot of games, drinking Klund's coffee, and generally having a good time with them and Mean Mr. Mustard.  There was a lot of board gaming.  Several rounds of King of Tokyo, Castle Dice, Settlers of Cataan, and a spirited round of Cards Against Humanity after the kids went to bed. Or at least put on their headphones and pretended we didn't exist. Klund coined the term "Blueberry" to refer to throwing out a card that just didn't matter to get it out of your hand.  Ms. Klund learned a lot of new words.

Speaking of which, you can take part in their 10 Days or Whatever of Kwanzaa.  I don't know what you get, but $15.00 is less than two weeks of coffee, so I figure I can't go wrong.

I finished out the long weekend, which really involved two days of remote work, which was sort of not-to-the-point, by getting the trim up on the garage door.  I found some non-expanding foam and a trim nail gun and sealed off all the big gusts of wind blowing into the house.  There's still a small breeze near the top left because a.) it's cold outside, and b.) the outside (garage facing) sheetrock isn't level and the door came with edging, so it wouldn't insert completely straight.  I pondered ripping the wood edging off and didn't.  Then I pondered beating the hell out of the sheetrock with a hammer and didn't.  I reused the weird under the trim edging they inserted previously to make up for their unlevel wall and it's 95% correct.  If I add some additional weatherstripping at the top, it'll be good.  But I suspect I'll have to rip it out of there and reinsert it before I sell the house (or hire someone to do it for me...)

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