Thursday, November 06, 2014

Cycling Party

I've backed a LOT of games on Kickstarter, and this is intriguing.  Cycling Party!  But I can't bring myself to back another game.  It could have to do with the fact I have at least three I haven't played yet, two of them sitting on the table, one still in the wrapping.  I believe there's an expansion currently in the mail as well.  And if I start to mentally walk through the four places I keep games, I'd guess there's more like five, not including a few I've only played once and a bunch I wish I was playing more often but haven't because there are too many new ones to try.

I so want a bicycling game.  It would go well with my dystopia game and I could figure out how to do a mash up.  But I'm on hiatus until I get through at least a few of the boxes starting to fill up the house.  Maybe my Secret Santa will get it for me.

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