Monday, October 06, 2014

Geocaching 2014 - Two Days in a Row

I'm very proud of getting out two days in a row.  Felt nice to be out in nature wandering around.  At least for the six days until it snows.

This one was over in Lebanon Hills Park.  I almost gave up on it because of the mosquitoes until I walked past this log on the way out.  It wasn't upright like that when I walked past it.  I had to turn it over.

You can see the hidey hole better in this picture.

I also found this one with a poo sculpture.  Classy!  I don't know that I've ever thought, "This would be better with a poo sculpture on it."  A lady walked past while I was signing the log and moving goodies back and forth.  I said "hi" but she glared at me and kept walking without a word.  I suspect she thought I was a friendly rapist.

I grabbed the travel bug out of the poo cache. He teaches love at the end of a gun and has a goal to travel the world with that message.  Carry on Sheriff Lifemessage.

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