Thursday, September 04, 2014

Vacation: Part Last, the Video Journey

Ah, nonsensical videos from vacation, mostly devoid of people, so you can feel like you're sharing the grandeur of Colorado with me first person shooter style.  If you feel like looping, you can hang out in the windy mountains at 12,000 feet virtually forever, embedded in a New Age Scooter video.

Or spend 22 seconds watch a river in blackbox.  Watch for Jen's watch!

This is The Mist, coming to get you.  It just needs spooky music.  I should put spooky music behind all my vacation videos.  They'd be more interesting.

Moving camera and more river.  If you're easily nauseated, prepare for fast movement.

A river near Vail that's not as noisy as a river in the Rocky Mountains.

See, Rocky Mountain National Park rivers are noisier.  Do you have to pee now?

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