Thursday, August 21, 2014

Vacation: Concerts

My family was supposed to plan vacation, but in the interest of making sure there was something to do, I scheduled two concerts at the Chatfield Botanical Garden annex.  It was a nice place, near the mountains in Denver and not too big.  We sat just left and behind the sound and light controls for both concerts and had a great view.  Surprisingly, with the marijuana laws, it didn't smell like smoke at all.  The timing of all those smoking laws fit well with the relaxing of the marijuana laws.  So I suspect people are eating it and using oil, but not puffing.  That was nice.  Smoke in any form is no fun at a concert.

Here's Sara Bareilles.  That was the second night.  It was a good concert except for the women next to us getting louder and louder as they drank more and more.  I'd have preferred they toked up (well, in a fashion - eaten a brownie, I guess). I bet they'd have been mellower on pot rather than alcohol.  I thought I'd lost my sunglasses as we were finishing up and I was able to go back and scan the area by locating their nest of empties.

I was a bit disappointed she didn't sing Gonna Get Over You.  One of my favorites.

Eryn preferred the concert the night before by The Barenaked Ladies.  I've got to say, they did a great concert.  Good patter, good songs, all the favorites, and a montage of modern pop at the end including Wrecking Ball that was hilarious, followed by a lot of extra songs that weren't there's and serious bouncing around.  A smaller audience than Sara Bareilles who seems to draw an LGBT crowd and larger percentage of young women overall, but an enthusiastic crowd as evidenced by the fingers.  Wooo!

Eryn went up to the stage after the concert and came away with a set list that now decorates our refrigerator.  She told me the next night over and over how she wished that concert would have been second because it was obviously going to be the better of the two.  Then she tried to read her book in the dark to prove herself right.  Well her you go daughter, BNL is second here.

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