Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I took Eryn over to the David Tennant narrated BBC documentary in 3D, Earthflight.  After we sat down, I realized I didn't have our 3D glasses, so I hurried back out to get them.  But the screen went completely dark, so I took a quick right and slammed right into the 3/4 wall over the hallway out of the theater.  My toes still hurt.  I'm glad it was 3/4 high and not 1/2 high so I didn't have to worry about just tumbling over the edge of the wall and falling to injury.  Serious injury in a theater is very low on my list off ways to go.

The movie was good.  I'd never seen devil rays leaping out of the water as a school, or dolphins hunting by driving fish onto the shore and then beaching themselves to get the fish.  I've seen footage of orcas doing that, but not dolphins.  Despite being about birds, there was a lot of footage of great white sharks eating seals in slow motion.  If you bite a seal nearly in half, all the water in its body shoots out its nose.  Something I didn't need to see in 3D.  I was more impressed with how high a wildebeast can jump when confronted with a crocodile.

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