Thursday, March 20, 2014

Don't Dress for Dinner

I forgot to mention we went to Don't Dress for Dinner (alt wikipedia) by Marc Camoletti at the Theatre in the Round not so long ago.  It's wedged between two plays with adult content: Six Degrees of Separation and Dead Man's Cell Phone.  Given Eryn actually blushed when there was a scene where someone "inadvertently" bent someone else over a couch for comic effect, grown up content must be really grown up at TiTR.

But Eryn really seems to enjoy the ham-it-up sort of plays with the attendant miscommunication and mistaken identities.  And intermission allows us to parse it apart in chunks and catch her up if she gets a little lost.

I agree with TC Daily Planet, it was a particularly good showing by Heather Burmeister as Suzette the Cook.  She seemed stiff for the first few lines and then really loosened up and stepped up as the primary presence in the play, tying all the characters together by being at the center of their machinations.

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